Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions on which the Supplier Bins Express hires our equipment and supplies our services to you the Customer.


1. The Supplier shall hire to the Customer a waste bin and if more than one required, the number of waste bins agreed to.

2. The supplied waste bin shall be the size agreed to.

3. The Supplier shall deliver the waste bin to and collect it from the Customers requested delivery address.

4. The period of hire shall be that period stated from the Supplier. Should the Customer require the waste bin for a longer period then the Customer shall be liable to pay an additional fee as advised by the Supplier. The Supplier can collect the waste bins at the completion of the Hire Period without notice to the Customer.

5. The Customer shall pay at the time the waste bin is delivered, the amount requested by the Supplier.

6. The Customer shall use the waste bin for the sole purpose of depositing non hazardous waste materials. The Customer shall not store any materials containing ASBESTOS ( unless the bin(s) have been specifically provided for that purpose and has been disclosed at the time of the Booking), CHEMICALS, LIQUID WASTES, PAINT, OIL, FUELS,  RUBBER TYRES, FLAMMABLES/EXPLOSIVES or any MATTRESSES or any WET CONCRETE or any FOOD in the supplied waste bin.

7. Should the Customer breach the conditions of hire then the Customer shall pay the extra costs incurred by the Supplier in respect of the safe disposal of the materials.

8. The Customer shall be responsible for the safe keeping of the supplied waste bin and shall be liable to the Supplier for the cost of the replacement of the supplied waste bin in the event it is lost or stolen.

9. The Customer shall not overload the waste bin, nor use it for incineration purposes and shall be liable to the Supplier for loss or damage in excess of reasonable wear and tear.

10. The Customer shall not by any means what so ever compact materials placed in the waste bin.

11. In the event of the waste bin being overloaded at Customers location the Customer shall be liable to pay to the Supplier an additional fee.

12. The Customer shall allow the Supplier to place the waste bin within the boundaries of the property at the address and shall not direct the employees of the Supplier to place the waste bin on a footpath or roadway or on any other public and other private properties.

13. The Customer shall not move the waste bin from the position to which it was delivered by the Supplier. Without limiting the right and remedies that the Supplier may otherwise have had, the Supplier shall be entitled to recover from the Customer in the event that the Customer is in breach of this condition all damages sustained by it including all the costs incurred to any competent authority in order for the Supplier to recover the waste bin in the event it has been confiscated together with any penalties, legal fees and court costs incurred by the Supplier as a result of any prosecution of the Supplier, its employees and agents.

14. The Customer warrants that any access provided at the location to which the waste bin is delivered to from the most convenient public way and is sufficient to bear the weight of all the Suppliers equipment and vehicle together with the weight of the waste bin after being loaded by the Customer. The Supplier shall not be liable for any damages caused to any private drive ways or pavement or accompanying sub surfaces or any access or other route used in to deliver and collect the waste bin.

15. The Supplier shall not be liable for any damage what so ever caused to any public or private property by the Supplier or its employees arising out of the Suppliers equipment and vehicle gaining access to and from the address or the delivery or collection of the waste bin. The Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the Supplier and its employees against any claims or law suits in relations to such damage.

16. The Customer warrants that he/she has the consent of all relevant persons to allow the waste bin to be delivered to, placed at and collected from the requested delivery address. The Supplier will observe so far as it is practicable, any requirements specified by the Customer as to the Commencement and Completion of the Hire Period but cannot guarantee strict compliance to time and will not be under any liability which by law cannot be excluded if your requirements are not met.

18. The word persons in this agreement shall include any incorporated body.

19. It is agreed between the parties that this agreement is comprised by all the clauses appearing under the heading terms and conditions and by its contents whether printed, typed or hand written.